What is the difference between Blog Post and Article Post

There is a lot of confusion which keeps on arising when it comes to blog postand article post. When it comes to blog posting there are several aspects that are to be kept in mind. Both these are a key tool for a content marketer. And all these make up the quality of a content marketing strategy. A blog posting is always an informal one. Originally blogs are impersonal in nature. Intestinally blog posts are more interactive, more conversational, and casual and involve more people to be an active part of it. Blog posts are tending to be shorter than the articles usually no longer than articles. Following are some points of blogs that makes it different:

  1. Involves no interviews or research
  2. These are basically short
  3. Build around SEO keywords.
  4. Good spelling and grammar options.
  5. Involves a casual writing style.
  6. They do not involve an editor and are self-published.


Article post- Articles provide a thorough reach and detail information. Articles are more likely to be fact based and can be simple reporting of the news. These are basically formal structured with a clear introduction, middle body, and a solid conclusion. Articles are basically written to improve the mindset of the people. Following are some of the points of articles that make it different from others:

Your opinion is not welcomed.

  1. It does not have a word limit. Can be more than 300.
  2. Spelling and grammar should be flawless.
  3. It should include the more sophisticated style of writing.
  4. An editor is required to grant permission to publish your article.


So these were some of the points of differentiation between article and blogs. In times to come many business and institutions have shifted to blog writing for the easy and swift flow of traffic.  Catchy headlines and great content can match up to the expectations of the people and make it enriching and more prone to higher rankings and great traffic & lead generation.


Which is better to improve your Business- Blog or Website

If you own a business be it accomplished or a minimal start-up, gaining popularity and high rankings are important to improve your business. Consumers and business find internet marketing and online marketing as the best way to find leads, new stores, products etc. Even if your products are found online, it becomes crucial for you to grab the attention of your customers. It must be hard for you to differentiate between blog or website as what is beneficial for your business. How do these 2 acts to improve the visibility of your business?

Benefits of having a business website:

Having a business website for your business is the best step towards gaining success even if your website does not stand in the market. Website designing is the most difficult task that has to be done in order to design complex graphics or extensive copywriting. A business website can do wonders for your business. Customers when searching for your brand name will automatically show in the search bar. The website development is also a key feature when it comes to increasing rankings and site visibility. A business website can not only give an easy to customers to contact you but an increase in your online presence and make it more liable to take your products.

Benefits of having a business blog: 

If you feel that your website does not seem to gather that amount of customer then a business blog will act beneficially. Blogs give your business to post regularly. To become a successful entrepreneur you need to be regular with your blog posting so that more and more traffic is generated. An SEO expert should be able to increase the rankings of your blog. It is the duty and responsibility of the content marketing team to look after it and write content with all well-searched keywords so that your business blog gets high reach which will definitely help to improve your business. Blogs give your business to post updated regarding your business updates for the usefulness of the customers. A blog is inexpensive as compared to website and the easiest way to reach the masses.Website vs. Blog, the answer will not be accurate as both have different work to perform. Both blogs and website can increase your visibility online and ensure that customers find their way looking for.

Best way you can use Google Analytics to improve your website

Google analytics is a powerful tool that will help you get useful information as in how your website is performing. Using the digital marketing tool you can also identify the twists that can be beneficial for your website. With the advent of the innovative tool Google Analytics, you can now keep a track record of how a visitor came across your site including both online and affiliate marketing process. There are several ways that will teach you how you can improve your website with this online marketing tool I.e. Google Analytics:

  1. Study Bounce rate: One of the most important pieces of data is bounce rate. If there are large percentages of people just navigating back without much retention then there is something missing from your website which is making them run-away.  You need to optimize your pages and have better call to action buttons as well as exact content for better reach.
  2. Seek resonating Content: By identifying what pages already have traffic, conversion results.

 iii.  Study behavior flow:  Beyond traffic control and click rates, the user study can also be explored.  Valuable visitor intents can be exploited by using this tool.  User behavior is beyond statistics and work on visual content for a better understanding and analyzing stuff.

  1.  Examine trends: Every element of data analytics is dependent upon it various dimensions. An infographic will make it more viral. The most important part is to focus on your data and ways to enhance it.
  2. Discover sources of traffic:  The best way to enhance your website I to know from where the traffic is being generated. It can act beneficial for your further online marketing activity.  It will show that what is making more traffic to your site and data.
  3. Analyze the new markets: By looking at the geographic data you can figure out the new markets from where your data is being transferred from.  Looking at your traffic conversion rates you can easily identify your business expansion.

So these are some of the point or ways that will act usefully when it comes to increasing the reach of your website or Google Analytic tactics to improve your website so that it has the maximum number of traffic as well as reach so that you have the highest rankings. Adopt these measures for a website with a far better reach.

7 Tips for creating successful info graphics

Infographics  Importance in the current age now for marketing. Infographics have been a focus on the web because of its ability to relay information in a very artistic manner. The numbers of searches for infographics on Google have gone now to 800%. Infographic production rate is 1% daily. Companies like to indulge infographics technique into their content marketing strategy so that good and powerful results can be generated easily. It is believed that visual content is more appealing and understandable as compared to text because 65% of the viewers are visual learners. Following are some important tips for creating good infographics:

  •      Take a look around– To make sure that you’re your infographic is the best, make sure you have a look around so as to check what has been done so far. And while checking some of the infographics just ask yourself which one ill shoot your idea completely and be more effective.


  •   Keep it simple– Too much of fancy work will not please your audience. Keeping your message simple will make it more understandable than creating something too complicated and may cause miss-interpretation.


  •     Data is important– Create the infographics by keeping your motive behind. Your main motto here is creating and imparting information about a particular topic or issue. Do not overdo with your designing so that all facts and figures which are supposed to be highlighted gets neglected.


  •     Be sure that facts are correct– Make sure that all your facts and data are correct.  It will decrease the credibility of your content. Research well and then do the writing. Make sure that your main motto is to impart knowledge.


  •     Choose attractive colors- It is often believed that bold colors attract people towards your content and text. Use the right colors that suit your relevant information be it for your website or social media platform and for even blogs.


  •     Use short text– As we all know that in today’s time people do not have time to read the whole content. So writing short text/lines in your content is very important and will prove useful. Only the important words and phrases should be inserted in order to make your info Graphic more suitable and relevant.


  •      Check your numbers– Always remember that your infographics are in a way representing your website. So if you presenting numbers or charts see that it is represented in a right manner and taken from a reliable source. Making your infographics more relevant and less confusing.


So these were some of the tips that gave an account on what exactly is the work of infographics and how it can be beneficial for your website. The infographics are also in a way responsible for increasing the ranking of your institution.