How can Tumblr be used for Brand Promotion?

Tumblr is the new born social media platform which has been floating around for few years.  Reserving its place in the social media platform in the year 2007.  In just few years of its establishment, it gained a lot of popularity with exceptional growth. This is just like any other social media platforms for sharing of images, video, GIF’s, short articles, informative contents etc. It is basically a blend of blogger and social media network. It was made online on 2007 February and in 2013, Yahoo took over its $1 billion. Many businesses whether small as startups or big as established are more familiar with tumblr and its functioning. Following are some of the points that will tell you what importance does tumblr has in promoting your brand.

  • Make people aware of your work and your brand name-

Tumblr is a great platforms, which makes you use the best platform about you and your stories. A short description regarding the introduction of your brand which should have interesting information about your company.

  • Post your blog with visuals-

It is believed that visuals are more appealing and easily understandable for the audience. In case of emerging audience over tumblr, merging interesting video clips with informative content and articles will work better.

  • Use tags-

When you try to promote your brand online, make sure you add tags to your post. Tumblr looks for posts that are rich in tags and enriching content. Suppose you are writing blogs for a mobile related course then adding the tag of technology is very important.

  • Provide the right kind of value-

A large population of the country uses the site for their creativity outlet and artwork. Provide valuable information to your users so that they take interest in your business, brand, institution etc.

  • Combine humor with promotion-

To promote your products or brand online through online marketing, humor is a must in order to grab the attention of its customers. Sharing links, blogs, and comments can actually fetch you traffic on your brand.

  • Make paid posts innovative-

If you want to increase you rankings on Alexa as well as grasp the attention of all then making and designing your paid posts in an innovative manner is the best way to execute your strategy. Unless and until the content is not engaging then the visibility and virality power is nil.


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