8 new startup of this week

Great business can be launched at any time and they don’t require any further description and introduction. With the New Year just stepped in creating a problem for all wherein it got some good news for start-ups. It also saw the birth of new companies that are tackling everything. Trying hard to survive in this cut-throat competitive environment.  Some names have already stolen the center stage while others are still struggling to get through the stealth. Following are the names of the top startups launched this week:

  • Snapdeal and FreeCharge launches a wallet-

Last week India’s largest online marketplace Snapdeal launch its new first one of a kind feature Wallet on Delivery. This will allow the users of snapdeal and FreeCharge to pay through their wallet. This provides easy and quick solutions to your problems of Cash on Delivery.

  • Shopclues launches “The Wedding Store”-


In order to get you cash-on on this wedding season, so here shop clues is making sure that it remains on the top and the most preferred one.


a retailing solution company- Founders of this start up are Atul Rai and Abhishek Sharma. In today digital marketing world where everything has digitalized, there the 70% of online data comprises of images and videos. This company allows its users to select a product using images rather than words. It was established in June 2015 to provide artificial intelligence driven solutions for e-commerce.

  • FreshToHome


Online Fish and meat delivery, Shan Kandavil who founded online fish and meat delivery service. Fresh home has doubled its sales in March 2016 and is expecting to expand its business in approx 20 cities by 2017. It has its customers spread across in many cities like it has 80,000 customers in Kochi, Bangalore, and Mysore etc.

  • Id Foods

Read to cook Dosa/Idli batter/chapatti- According to a report, bangalurians consume 1 crore Idlis a day. This was the sole reason that made IIM-B graduate students PC Musthafa, Samsudeen TK, Abdul Nazer, Jafar TK & Noushad TA along with their cousins to establish this in 2006. Today it ranks under one of the top notch start-ups that deliver the batter across 14 cities and crossed their turnover of 100 crores last year. The packed food according to them is less risky as the fresh ones and they have estimated to cross their business by 200 crores this New Year.

  • Freshmen

Online Food Delivery- The food technology sector has really gained a lot since the digital marketing revolution and mobile app development revolution has ceased the power of all to order food online. People nowadays prefer to order food online either through a popular website or through a mobile app of a kind. And one of the few start-ups to merge is Freshmen, which deals in cooking and delivering food from its own kitchen in Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and was set up in 2014 and by 2016 it doubled its sales and reached heights.


Product discovery services for e-commerce- Founders for this start ups are Pavan Sondur and Prashant Kumar. Currently, Unbxd works with 1200 e-commerce companies in 40 countries and almost 80% of its revenue are generated from India. Popular and famous e-commerce sites like Lens care, Caratlane are supported by then for navigation and product recommendations. The company ranking in the top was established by   2 engineers in 2011 and now it has doubled their turnover.

  • Flyrobe-

Designer clothing rental- It was not even the completion of a year when 3 Mumbai IIT’s graduates Pranay Surana, Shreya Mishra and Tushar Saxena started a designer rental startup in September 2015. But now they have gained approx $7million from other ventures. Flyrobe is currently working in 5 cities. Not only are they earning through the online market but they have also started their business offline as well with setting up stores across in 2 cities.

So these were some of the famous names that have created sensation and news all over with their success stories and motivation behind their start-ups. So follow these institutions and start-up stories to gain more.


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