Do people on Twitter really pay any heap to your tweets? Do you try to customize your tweets for the better attention of the audience?Twitter by and far have become a successful social media platform to reach out to people in a better manner. And the best part of this is that you can reach out to any person regardless of his status, designation etc. Now, what if you tweet and your tweets get unnoticed?.

So here are some of the best measures that can be adopted to influence people from your tweets and to grab their attention:

  • Set up your twitter bio for success- The best way to go noticed is with the help of your twitter account. Update your bio and profile information so that you get the best of people to follow you and react to your tweets. Both the things have to be informative and attractive.


  • Respond to mentions and tweets- Twitter is all about making connections. The best way to make connections is by tweeting and reacting on every tweet. To attract quality followers for your business and institution, you need to mention and check your account for any further specifications.


  • Share article more than once- Tweets have long shelf life. If you wish you can share your article more than once so that it gets hammered inside the brain of the target audience. But remember it should not sound like an error.


  • Include trending topics- It has been checked and tested that trending topics have more viewers than any other topic. You don’t have to put extra efforts in searching for trending topics. The best way is to see on the left side of your screen which has all the trending topics based on locations, cases etc.


  • Use visual content- It is believed that 65% of the people have more visual content appealing. And if you go on your twitter stream then you will notice that maximum tweets are text-based. So including pictures or videos can be beneficial in conveying your idea.


  • Participate in Twitter chats- The best part of social media sites is that you can create your own twitter chats and talk to people with higher esteem. This will help in making higher contacts and building up your goal. This will make and encourage people to read your content precisely.


So these were some of the tactics under twitter that have evolved over the years and now with the help of digital marketing, many websites of various famous institutions have grown up taking the help of twitter. Twitter has grown significantly into a major rising star.


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