What is the difference between Blog Post and Article Post

There is a lot of confusion which keeps on arising when it comes to blog postand article post. When it comes to blog posting there are several aspects that are to be kept in mind. Both these are a key tool for a content marketer. And all these make up the quality of a content marketing strategy. A blog posting is always an informal one. Originally blogs are impersonal in nature. Intestinally blog posts are more interactive, more conversational, and casual and involve more people to be an active part of it. Blog posts are tending to be shorter than the articles usually no longer than articles. Following are some points of blogs that makes it different:

  1. Involves no interviews or research
  2. These are basically short
  3. Build around SEO keywords.
  4. Good spelling and grammar options.
  5. Involves a casual writing style.
  6. They do not involve an editor and are self-published.


Article post- Articles provide a thorough reach and detail information. Articles are more likely to be fact based and can be simple reporting of the news. These are basically formal structured with a clear introduction, middle body, and a solid conclusion. Articles are basically written to improve the mindset of the people. Following are some of the points of articles that make it different from others:

Your opinion is not welcomed.

  1. It does not have a word limit. Can be more than 300.
  2. Spelling and grammar should be flawless.
  3. It should include the more sophisticated style of writing.
  4. An editor is required to grant permission to publish your article.


So these were some of the points of differentiation between article and blogs. In times to come many business and institutions have shifted to blog writing for the easy and swift flow of traffic.  Catchy headlines and great content can match up to the expectations of the people and make it enriching and more prone to higher rankings and great traffic & lead generation.


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