What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be a confusing element sometimes. Both terms are used interchangeably, which makes matters even worse. It is very important to learn the difference between the two.

Search engine optimization: It is essentially the important part of an online marketing strategy.  It’s` the process where maximizing the number of visitors takes place which results in higher website rankings.  There are various functions of an SEO that makes it n important part when it comes to digital marketing scenario. The main points are listed below-

  •         Creating high-quality pages, creating back links.
  •         Social sharing signals.
  •         Social bookmarking.
  •         Creating links on various browsers.


 Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing which is helpful in promoting your websites and increasing their visibility in search engine pages. SEM provides you with the opportunity to pay for every click. These are generally used by marketers to refer to their PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns and strategies. SEM has various points of functions that make it also a unique in the crowd when it comes to internet marketing or online marketing.

  • It includes the search for paid ads.
  • Pay for listing in advertisements or campaigns through PPC.
  • It also includes the aspects of Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Keywords infusing is an important aspect of paid ads.


Many marketers debate to understand which one is better when it comes to business. Some believe that SEO is more succeeding as without the organic activity by SEO the SEM marketing would be useless. And additionally, there are some places where PPC of a business is more important than the optimization. Although SEO takes a longer time to show results but it will cost less as compared to Google Ad-words.


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