Twitter sells its Fabric developer platform to Google

The latest news which is the much hot topic over the technology town is “Twitter on Wednesday announced its selling off fabric developer to Google”. Google’s acquisition of fabric makes sense as both Google and Twitter have similar focus when it comes to platform and empowering developers. Fabric developer platform was taken up by twitter in 2014. It is a ‘modular mobile platform’ which is designed to help the app developers improve the overall conditions of the app developers.

Now since the fabric has had a merger with the Google platform, it will now work and merge with Google’s firebase development platform. The main motto of this company is too easy the workflow of the mobile app developers and let them understand their users and then accordingly plan strategies to grow their business. Twitter in a way back 2014 launched fabric as a part of picking and choosing the right kind of app for mobile developers so that there can be an easy compatibility set between the mobile app developers and the users. After this acquisition twitter continues to work further with it old versions for a better business development and growth.

These points clearly state that now all these relationships belongs to Google, at least as far as Fabric is concerned. Twitter is now committed to working hard on apis even including its mobile ad network. So it’s been a quite challenging for both the platforms as who will reach the goal destination with their own formula first.


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