Digital India And Role Of Startups


                                                          Digital India And Role Of Startups

With digital India campaign running successfully in India with the object of connecting rural areas to technology by connecting them to high-speed internet networks and improving digital literacy. The other reason for launching these programs was to create a participate, transparent and responsive government.

  • ·        With digital India, the country is focusing on transforming the state into a powerful empowered digital economy.
  • ·        The program includes all the policies, projects, aims and benefits of the government that it has initiated towards the growth of the state, economy, and people electronically.

There are several aspects of digital India that has to be kept in mind. The main initiative was to get everything on simple fingertips for easy understanding. Everything is transformed from traditional to a digital level. The government has several promises made under the Digital India campaign:

  • ·        Providing the accurate funding for small business or startup
  • ·        Giving opportunities to young minds as being young entrepreneurs.
  • ·        Digitally empower people through their digitally grown policies.
  • ·        The facility of Digital Locker which will enable people to store their important documents like Pan Card, Aadhar card, mark sheets and degree certificates.

The following points will describe clearly the vision behind the Digital India movement:

  • ·        Infrastructure- The mission is to provide high-speed internet services to people at the individual level.
  • ·        Governance and services- Government services will be made online for easy accessing by the people. And the best part to include is that transactions can be done online.
  • ·        Digital empowerment- This is one of the most important points when it comes to Digital India which provides universal digital literacy and makes in India easy access to digital services.
  • ·        Internet access to all- The main motto and aim of digital India was to create a network among all so that there are easy transaction and communication of technology and systems.

These were some of the points that clearly justifies the digital India movement. Many small business and industries setting up at every nook and corner is an initiative of the Digital India initiative. Many people have started off with their business as small entrepreneurs and now have found their names into magazines. So these were the repercussions leading to the digital India movement. Just wait and watch this movement can keep you more reformed with the much updated latest changes in technologies. The aim and motto of making India digitally paralyzed will definitely fall truly in years to come.


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