Why Is Android Development The Next Big Thing.?

Why Is Android Development The Next Big Thing?

In today’s digital and mobility era, people have more craze for smartphones than any other electronic gadget. Android occupies 70.85% of the global market shares and leaving behind iOS which has 23.1%. Resulting android being on the priority chart of all. It started its journey way back in 2008 making a niche targeted audience in the mobile market. Android now has surpassed apple in many ways creating a craze in the audience. Every android app created is an integrated part of our life because we use some on our daily basis. Following are some of the points that give an account clearly of the future of android development:

  • ·        Boost revenue – Many customers are now shifting their services towards android because of its great user interface. The mobile app is the next big thing because it will help you to connect with the readers and others which will eventually help in boosting up revenues for your company.
  • ·        Enhances the effectiveness of marketing – Through a mobile app you can interact with your customers and help to understand your app better. Through this way, you can have an effective marketing to enhance your work area.
  • ·        Features – With new features coming up every time, an android market share is expected to rise even further. One of the most promising features announced by Google is “Instant apps”.  This feature allows users to install any kind of apps without even taking headaches of downloading it.
  • ·        Job trends in android – As per reports released at present, there are 50-70 thousand professional apps developers in India.  And it is estimated that by 2020 we will have much more in this field connecting to millions and millions of people.

Android is continuously increasing and penetrating in the in the Indian market and hence the demand for mobile app developers are increasing at a very rapid pace. The above-given points explain clearly why android is the future and what will be the future of android as well. Indian economy needs app developers to cater to the growing needs of the people.


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