Digital Marketing Tool Webmaster

Digital Marketing Tool “Webmaster”

Do you want to know where does your site stand when it comes to traffic? Well for that you need a proper Search Engine Optimization of your website. And then you should have an access and knowledge on Google Webmaster. Google Webmaster Tool is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you to understand what’s going on your website. To understand what’s going on and trusting it without going blindly.

Following are some of the useful services that you cater to when it comes to Google webmaster:

  •      Submit/check the sitemap for your website.
  •      Generate/check the robots text file
  •       List the internal and external pages that link to your website.
  •       To check the statistics about how Google has found your website and whether anything is going wrong or not.

Google Webmaster is a very popular and famous solution for your website and it is highly recommended by webmasters. This will only help you out with the ranking of your website. You can use it for website statistics and frequent analysis for checking your website. It gives you a list of all words and phrases that are used when it comes to your website.

So this tool is very much important when it comes to checking the ranking of your site and also to know where your site stands in this competitive market. After all the more the popular site the highest number of people will know you.

Some Do’s & Don’ts In Webmaster Tool

Best Practice:

Use tools such as Page Speed Insights and Web Page Test to measure the page load performance of your site. While Googlebot has a bit more patience in rendering, research has shown that 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.


Avoid leaving optimization as a post-launch step. If your website’s content loads quickly before migrating to a new progressive web application then it’s important to not regress in your optimizations.


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