Yahoo renames itself as “Altaba Inc”.

Yahoo renames itself as “Altaba Inc”.

It’s time to say Good Bye to Yahoo!!

Yahoo the most commonly used social media search engine platform for your all sort of social media practices and is now one of the leading brand names on the internet. Despite having so many hiccups, yahoo is about to split itself and rename as ‘Altaba’. Yahoo’s planned sale to Verizon appears to be moving forward but some portions of the company will be left behind and renamed ‘Altaba’.

And soon after the announcement was made public The Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer would step down from the board. The digital technology company Verizon Inc. is believed to handle and become the stakeholder of yahoo and they are glad to become the investor for yahoo and they see a strong strategic fit. 5 members from the board would step down from their post and become firm members of ‘Altaba’ Inc and the rest would either resign or would stay with the old company Yahoo. This is basically because Verizon is paying a heavy amount of 4.8 billion solely for yahoo’s core internet business, which was even more than the 15% of Chinese retail Alibaba and a part of Yahoo Japan, which is a joint venture with Softbank.

With the ending of the name Yahoo, which was very familiar on the internet some of us would feel nostalgic because it was the very first step that people used to take initially when they were a kind of fresher into the world of digital. So Yahoo or I should say ‘altaba’ now? The name which once saw the better days is now striving to keep pace with the modern decade. These were some of the points that justify that Yahoo thrived hard to keep pace but due to some internal core problems and unsystematic working structures and rise in digital marketing structures it failed to provide the basic amenities and provisions for the latest technology.


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