Facebook vs Twitter: Which is better for your business!

Face book vs. Twitter: Which is better for your business?

Nowadays social media has its way in every field and asking people to differentiate between twitter and face book is like asking them which is better- Pepsi or coca-cola. You will never get a definite and accurate answer. Because which is higher upgrades with every passing time and finding one useful and the other waste is just not possible to depict. These two sites are the most senior most sites in the world of social media. We’ve seen many social media sites coming and going but these two sites have been tested with all the years it stood firmly. If we have to anyways differentiate between and two on the basis for the betterment of your business then we must shall begin with face book.

Face book

If we talk about face book users then you will find it the more than any other social media sites. Facebook accounts to the largest number of people surfing and opening accounts every single minute. Its popularity has made it more prominent among all. Face book came into the limelight by recently starting a new feature where 50 people could actually connect to each other with video conferencing which made it more popular among all. Face book’s feature like page build-ups, easy post sharing, gathering likes, no word limit for post makes it more and wider reaching and making it more popular globally. With facebook you can endorse your brand or product if you want to garner likes and shares and gain popularity. So these are some features that make it stand out from rest.


When it comes to twitter you face some problems. Although it is also one the most outreaching social media but not as popular as face book. Its reach is not that far reaching. People of some backward are still deprived of this platform. The major drawback regarding twitter is the word limit. You need to post your article or any other thing within the given number of word limit exceeding it will not publish it. You don’t have the facility of calling or chatting on twitter. Twitter accounts to only 316 million users which is very less as compared to face book. Audience engagement on twitter is very less as compared to face book. But when you look at twitter nowadays the most popular audience you witness is the younger generation on demographic. But the reach has restricted itself only to the urban areas and not rural as compared to the other media platform.


So these were some of the major differentiation between the two. If you want your business to flourish and secure a place in the market then advertising on these social media platforms would be the best option and choice because everything is becoming digital and so are the people. It’s time to bring revolution with these social media tools. As the comparative study clears everything that when it comes between face book and twitter, Face book is the right and prominent choice for all for their brand, business, product and also for their endorsement.


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