One who belongs to digital marketing should know about these question and answers.

One who belongs to digital marketing should know about these question and answers.

Here you go! We have compiled a list of must read Digital Marketing Questions for fresher’s and experienced. Let’s Start:

1-      What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is marketing through online medium. It includes tools like SEO, SMO, Email Marketing and more.

2-      In what ways you will categorize Digital Marketing?

The Digital Marketing is categorized into two major categories:

Inbound Marketing: Marketing through E-newsletters, E-books, webinars etc.Outbound Marketing: it includes reaching through the prospective clients through placing ads, E-mails and calls.

3-      What are the tools of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that is done through online medium or by using digital technologies. As people are more connected and interact online. Thus Digital Marketing not only helps clients to market their products but also allows users to reach out to products through their Computer systems or Mobile phones.

Various tools used in Digital Marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketer, etc.

4-      Why is Online Marketing preferred over Offline Marketing?

Most of the organizations are going digital nowadays because of various benefits. There are number of prospects and benefits underlying with Digital Marketing. You can reach to as many users you want and can also target customers worldwide.

And if talk about offline marketing there are restricted audience in Newspapers, Magazines, Television etc.

5-      What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a process of improving the structure, content of your site, so that the search engines can index them correctly. It also includes promotional activities to boost your search engine rank.

6-      Explain what is “Keyword” in Digital Marketing?

Keyword in Digital Marketing is the word that a user enter into a search engine to find specific information. For a better page ranking, Keyword is crucial.

7-      Do you know Digital Marketing Tools?

Top Digital Marketing Tools are:

Alexa Ranking

Favicon Generator


Keyword Discovery

Digital Point Keyword Tracker



8-      What is Google Adwords?

Google adword is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on google and its advertising network.

9-      What is Google Adword Remarketing?

Google Adword Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy that helps marketers to reach people who previously visited to their website and did not purchase anything. This type of marketing helps is targeting right audience.

10-   What is Pay per Click?

Pay per click is also known as Cost per click is a technique used to direct traffic to the website. In this technique advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked.


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