7 Brilliant ways to start a presentation.

7 Brilliant Ways to start a Presentation

It is often said that if you go out for an interview or to be more precise and exact when you step out to market yourself then the presentation or the interview is the most important aspect that can be kept in mind before you actually sell yourself to the organization. The initial 60 seconds where you express yourself and where you explain yourself and if you by chance waste those 60 seconds in just nagging and narrating long-long stuff then nothing will make you more effective like this. Following are some of the brilliant points that should be kept in mind in order to present you better next time.

1)     Tell a captivating story:

Among all your strategy the most hold backing is the story telling one. It is the most powerful tool that can do wonders to your job, career or interview. As a person who is there to present himself with his skills, knowledge, talent then this is the most important aspect of a job interview.

2)    Ask a rhetorical, thought to provoke questions:

In an interview, everything of yours is at stake and at that point of time you don’t understand anything or you are not in that state of mind to understand what is going on. So at that point of time, you should ask rhetoric questions which should instigate the other person to think.

3)    Use of technical terms:

As you know that you are about to enter into a professional world and you should be knowing well what kind of technical words are used at that level. Use Jargons if possible as that will give a better impact of your personality to the interviewer.

4)    Use a powerful quote:

A wise person who speaks wisely is much praised and applauded. So it is always recommended to use some kind of quotes that have been quoted by some renowned personalities. It’s better you start off your interview with a quote it will enhance your skills.

5)    Narrate your experience:

When you get down into the corporate world it is very important when you narrate of your experiences and past records so that your knowledge gets a better platform. This does not mean you have to boast off your skills but instead make yourself more liable for that company.

6)    Sample proof:

If you have any proof that would depict your past record work, any kind of your work or video to speak of your hard work and labor done before that would also speak of your great credentials is a must. This would automatically help you grow better.

7)    Know your audience:

When it comes to presentation it is very important to know your audience. Your plan of action or your course of action will only be decided once you clearly understand your audience and their mindset. So you should be smart enough to understand what your audience wants? How will you achieve it? And through what will you try to achieve?

So these were some of the tips that should be kept in mind before coming down for a presentation or an interview. Always remember your actions and words both are keenly observed along with your gestures. So in order to have a good impression maintains all these tips and then magic happens with a single wink. Remember: “First impression is the last impression.


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