10 stats that will shape your 2017 content marketing strategy.

It’s that part of the time where all are busy in some kind of celebration or holidays. But some part of the rest is still there to understand and examine how to shape their content marketing strategy. Content is regarded as a “King” in today’s time. So it is very important to analyze and shape your strategy.

Several strategies will be decided upon for the upcoming year 2017 and not just for the upcoming year but for the years ahead as well.

1)    We’re getting better at Content Marketing:

Content marketing has increased 62% in the recent years and it has been very successful in creating or generating content marketing needs than the previous years. So content marketing should be effective.

2)    Mobile:

In recent times it has been noticed and observed that the amount of traffic that has been generated is by mobile alone rather than desktops. There is more  number of people who are accessing the content on mobiles as compared to desktops.

3)    Visual Content will become widely used:

Any article or content with some sort of visual appealing is more likely to be read as compared to the ones with fewer ones. People would only get attracted once they get to see something which will look attractive to them and that will hammer them faster as compared to your content. So in times to come the visual appealing will change as people will see mo0re visual content as compared to written ones.

4)     FACEBOOK:

FACEBOOK is still now the most prominent social media platform which is used by small media and other companies to endorse their brand but if we closely look at the studies then the value of this platform has decreased a bit in the recent years.

5)    Video content:

Video has now become the core part of content writing and it has replaced the way people write. YouTube, Snap chat, and twitter have swayed the audience and have changed the trend of content writing into video sharing content.

6)    User generated content:

The main motto and aim for content writing are to generate trust among the minds of the people regarding the product. It’s like influencing the minds of a large number of people. Your strategies are decided upon the influencing minds of their people.

7)    Personalization:

Your content should be such that it should add a personal touch to your content. As content marketing is growing the competition is growing harder and harder.

8)    Brainstorming:

This is very important when you get down to pen down your thoughts. A little bit of brainstorming is important as a unique content is the strongest tool that will fetch you more leads and engage more target audience.

9)    Developing your audience:

Once you have your content shoot on the social media platform, your next target is to attract the audience and reach out to attract visitors as well. Doing so you will perform 4 major functions; influence, search, paid and syndicate.

10)    Content technology:

Before deciding upon your course of action, be sure you have your strategy clear in your mind. So that when you start off with your work you must be clear how to proceed and go about it. So it is always said a sound technology is directly dependent on a sound strategy.

So these were some of the points to remember regarding content marketing that will shape its working in 2017 and in following years to come. Keep these following points in mind and work for a better and efficient working structure of the organization or your institution.


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  1. Hi Nieceducation, I agree with you and would just add that storytelling could also become important for content marketing in 2017, in my opinion.


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