Social media trends that will change next year in 2017.

The year 2016 is now on the verge of almost getting completed. And now we have realized that we stay in a state which is dominated by social media which is proving advantageous for business and marketers. Brands are keeping at pace so that their products gets updated and recognized by all. The popularity of social media has been rising in 2016 and there is no doubt to it. There are few social media strategies which are expected to change by 2017:

1)      Fake News:

Fake news was a great problem for social media in 2016 when the hot topic of U.S presidential election was in great swing. The most famous search engines are more prone to fake news. This is because this is done by the rewarding pages on the account of how many times was it opened. Fake news has been successful in gaining the highest amount of publicity and increase in the ranking.

2)      Social messaging:

It has been increasingly important and popular for people to turn the social messaging into a private affair. There is a rising trend in social media and its newest trend in messaging.

3)      Online Channel Marketing:

It is the most important and recognized channel for your brand endorsement where users can connect with your content regardless of the platform. With online marketing it diversifies the multi-channel marketing.

4)      Live Streaming videos:

Last year there was an upward increase in the trend for live streaming videos. The craze and enthusiasm it created was gaining to make a success.  Business can gain as it will give a full interaction opportunity and it will add a full human element to digital marketing.

5)      Short form (expiring) content:

Nowadays where the world is going for live content and videos and even photographs on the other hand the content is taking a major dip. People rarely write instead are more actively seen participating on social media platforms like instagram and snap chat, etc. Where content is lagging only live expiring content has become bigger than ever.

6)      Relationship Marketing:

Social media platform was early a one way communication process where one used to speak and the other listens. So now after it has evolved so much now it acts as a community builder where your services can gain true acceptance and relationships can be build on trust. A personalize touch is important.

7)      Increase in paid social media advertising:

SEO’s are finding it difficult to generate traffic through organic way. Facebook now does not allow brands and companies to share posts only posts could be shared by friends and their friends. So in this complexity paid advertising is important to get traffic to your site, content and generate links to it.

So these were some of the basic tips or you can say strategy of social media that will change in the coming year and will in a way help in the growth of the business and its development. The fire of social media can take as well as give a lot in the upcoming New Year.


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