Google Search console updates its AMP feature.

Google being the highest platform for knowledge sometime or the other has something new for its users. Nowadays what’s more flashy and widespread is that Google updated search console has updated its AMP feature. I am sure this must have bounced above your head. Before going further in detail or further knowing more in detail, let’s first know what exactly the meaning is and working of AMP.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an initiative started by Google to improve the mobile experience by lowering down the unimportant WebPages to the important ones. This in turn allows them to load at a faster speed. Now you don’t have to continuously look at the loading symbol as AMP is designed to fetch you out from that scenario.

There are multiple benefits to both users and publishers from AMP. Users enjoys as they get a better and faster experience. And publishers gain much importance in the market when the mobile speed is high, means more users connected which will equally increase their sales and at the end they are at a profit. Google search console has been updated now to give you improved categorization and better group similar issues. Now you will also get to crawl for your information in a much faster speed which Google discovered most of the people facing as lack of speed and AMP errors. Now the AMP will be beneficial for the correct ranking of the site as now when it comes to site ranking it will shoe better because of AMP content.

So now people who were not aware of the working of AMP can work much better and efficiently with understanding better the AMP errors and content list.


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