How to Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate is a similar top running a retail shop. You kind of sign up with retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc to promote your products of your website. These platforms are the easiest way of earning money as well as making your brand renown. Your website or products will reach out to a large number of people with the method of affiliate marketing.  Most affiliate programs will offer readymade text links, banners and other forms of creative copies which require you to just enter the code.  It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to start your online marketing business and make money online. Every time it is not compulsory that you sell your products online.

Different affiliate programs are also available to make different payments:

  • Pay per sale:

In this a merchant pays you a percentage of the sale price as soon as the purchase gets over.

  • Pay per click:

Under this process you get paid on the number of visitors you re direct to the merchant’s website from your affiliate site.

  • Pay per lead:

You get your share as soon as the lead gets converted into a customer by rendering out its basic information and filling a simple form.

  • Use several traffic sources to promote products:

Most affiliate marketers put up the ads only on their sites. The more targets or leads you generate for the page or website, the more you will earn.Google Adwords can be used to target traffic to your sales page.

  • Research the demand for the product:

If you are trying to sell a product which has a low-cost demand then chances are there that the product will not be taken and it will go all waste. So it is advisable that you spend some time on searching as to what kind and type of product is much in demand in the open market.

  • Decide a business model:

There are basically 2 pillars on which the model of affiliate marketing is dependent, the first being the resource site and the second being review site. The models you choose completely depend upon the model you are familiar with.

  • Create a website:

This is the most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be made only if you have a proper website to showcase. If you have a platform like a website or blogs, then you can see which one to choose to earn additionally.


How can Tumblr be used for Brand Promotion?

Tumblr is the new born social media platform which has been floating around for few years.  Reserving its place in the social media platform in the year 2007.  In just few years of its establishment, it gained a lot of popularity with exceptional growth. This is just like any other social media platforms for sharing of images, video, GIF’s, short articles, informative contents etc. It is basically a blend of blogger and social media network. It was made online on 2007 February and in 2013, Yahoo took over its $1 billion. Many businesses whether small as startups or big as established are more familiar with tumblr and its functioning. Following are some of the points that will tell you what importance does tumblr has in promoting your brand.

  • Make people aware of your work and your brand name-

Tumblr is a great platforms, which makes you use the best platform about you and your stories. A short description regarding the introduction of your brand which should have interesting information about your company.

  • Post your blog with visuals-

It is believed that visuals are more appealing and easily understandable for the audience. In case of emerging audience over tumblr, merging interesting video clips with informative content and articles will work better.

  • Use tags-

When you try to promote your brand online, make sure you add tags to your post. Tumblr looks for posts that are rich in tags and enriching content. Suppose you are writing blogs for a mobile related course then adding the tag of technology is very important.

  • Provide the right kind of value-

A large population of the country uses the site for their creativity outlet and artwork. Provide valuable information to your users so that they take interest in your business, brand, institution etc.

  • Combine humor with promotion-

To promote your products or brand online through online marketing, humor is a must in order to grab the attention of its customers. Sharing links, blogs, and comments can actually fetch you traffic on your brand.

  • Make paid posts innovative-

If you want to increase you rankings on Alexa as well as grasp the attention of all then making and designing your paid posts in an innovative manner is the best way to execute your strategy. Unless and until the content is not engaging then the visibility and virality power is nil.

8 new startup of this week

Great business can be launched at any time and they don’t require any further description and introduction. With the New Year just stepped in creating a problem for all wherein it got some good news for start-ups. It also saw the birth of new companies that are tackling everything. Trying hard to survive in this cut-throat competitive environment.  Some names have already stolen the center stage while others are still struggling to get through the stealth. Following are the names of the top startups launched this week:

  • Snapdeal and FreeCharge launches a wallet-

Last week India’s largest online marketplace Snapdeal launch its new first one of a kind feature Wallet on Delivery. This will allow the users of snapdeal and FreeCharge to pay through their wallet. This provides easy and quick solutions to your problems of Cash on Delivery.

  • Shopclues launches “The Wedding Store”-


In order to get you cash-on on this wedding season, so here shop clues is making sure that it remains on the top and the most preferred one.


a retailing solution company- Founders of this start up are Atul Rai and Abhishek Sharma. In today digital marketing world where everything has digitalized, there the 70% of online data comprises of images and videos. This company allows its users to select a product using images rather than words. It was established in June 2015 to provide artificial intelligence driven solutions for e-commerce.

  • FreshToHome


Online Fish and meat delivery, Shan Kandavil who founded online fish and meat delivery service. Fresh home has doubled its sales in March 2016 and is expecting to expand its business in approx 20 cities by 2017. It has its customers spread across in many cities like it has 80,000 customers in Kochi, Bangalore, and Mysore etc.

  • Id Foods

Read to cook Dosa/Idli batter/chapatti- According to a report, bangalurians consume 1 crore Idlis a day. This was the sole reason that made IIM-B graduate students PC Musthafa, Samsudeen TK, Abdul Nazer, Jafar TK & Noushad TA along with their cousins to establish this in 2006. Today it ranks under one of the top notch start-ups that deliver the batter across 14 cities and crossed their turnover of 100 crores last year. The packed food according to them is less risky as the fresh ones and they have estimated to cross their business by 200 crores this New Year.

  • Freshmen

Online Food Delivery- The food technology sector has really gained a lot since the digital marketing revolution and mobile app development revolution has ceased the power of all to order food online. People nowadays prefer to order food online either through a popular website or through a mobile app of a kind. And one of the few start-ups to merge is Freshmen, which deals in cooking and delivering food from its own kitchen in Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and was set up in 2014 and by 2016 it doubled its sales and reached heights.


Product discovery services for e-commerce- Founders for this start ups are Pavan Sondur and Prashant Kumar. Currently, Unbxd works with 1200 e-commerce companies in 40 countries and almost 80% of its revenue are generated from India. Popular and famous e-commerce sites like Lens care, Caratlane are supported by then for navigation and product recommendations. The company ranking in the top was established by   2 engineers in 2011 and now it has doubled their turnover.

  • Flyrobe-

Designer clothing rental- It was not even the completion of a year when 3 Mumbai IIT’s graduates Pranay Surana, Shreya Mishra and Tushar Saxena started a designer rental startup in September 2015. But now they have gained approx $7million from other ventures. Flyrobe is currently working in 5 cities. Not only are they earning through the online market but they have also started their business offline as well with setting up stores across in 2 cities.

So these were some of the famous names that have created sensation and news all over with their success stories and motivation behind their start-ups. So follow these institutions and start-up stories to gain more.

Do people on Twitter really pay any heap to your tweets? Do you try to customize your tweets for the better attention of the audience?Twitter by and far have become a successful social media platform to reach out to people in a better manner. And the best part of this is that you can reach out to any person regardless of his status, designation etc. Now, what if you tweet and your tweets get unnoticed?.

So here are some of the best measures that can be adopted to influence people from your tweets and to grab their attention:

  • Set up your twitter bio for success- The best way to go noticed is with the help of your twitter account. Update your bio and profile information so that you get the best of people to follow you and react to your tweets. Both the things have to be informative and attractive.


  • Respond to mentions and tweets- Twitter is all about making connections. The best way to make connections is by tweeting and reacting on every tweet. To attract quality followers for your business and institution, you need to mention and check your account for any further specifications.


  • Share article more than once- Tweets have long shelf life. If you wish you can share your article more than once so that it gets hammered inside the brain of the target audience. But remember it should not sound like an error.


  • Include trending topics- It has been checked and tested that trending topics have more viewers than any other topic. You don’t have to put extra efforts in searching for trending topics. The best way is to see on the left side of your screen which has all the trending topics based on locations, cases etc.


  • Use visual content- It is believed that 65% of the people have more visual content appealing. And if you go on your twitter stream then you will notice that maximum tweets are text-based. So including pictures or videos can be beneficial in conveying your idea.


  • Participate in Twitter chats- The best part of social media sites is that you can create your own twitter chats and talk to people with higher esteem. This will help in making higher contacts and building up your goal. This will make and encourage people to read your content precisely.


So these were some of the tactics under twitter that have evolved over the years and now with the help of digital marketing, many websites of various famous institutions have grown up taking the help of twitter. Twitter has grown significantly into a major rising star.

Wow!! Best Tips to boost E-commerce conversion

When it comes to e-commerce even the small details matter. If you are the owner of an online store, so it’s high time to gear up for the grandest sale. It is not an easy task. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights will go in it. As according to studies shown, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their current conversion rate.  So there are plenty of unexploited reasons to grab the attention of your visitors. And out of the whole lot,  75% of the companies are not happy with their conversion rate.  Here are some of the tips that will five you a better account on how to increase your conversions in e-commerce:

  •       An effective email and ad campaign-

The time has come to make some place inside the brain of your customers. You need to make your customers realize that you really exist for them. You need to build up a strong and effective ad campaigns that hammer your motive behind the start up.

  • Finding new traffic-

This is self-explanatory. It is important to find your new potential audience to drive the traffic.

  • Design better landing pages-

Once you are all set with your designing ad campaigns and audience optimization, so now is the time to work on your landing pages.

  • Email marketing-

Email marketing is the best tool of digital marketing to strive the audience attention towards your website. This is the most effective way to publicize your website in a low cost effective way.

  • Give a free festive feel to your customers-

Shopping for holidays or any kind of festival is always a spree for all audience. You must not let the opportunity free from your hand. Grab your customer attention through free gifts; vouchers etc to give a festive feel which will help in boosting e-commerce conversion.

  • Upsell in the images-

When it comes to images of the product there are innumerable practices that can be followed. You can offer multiple by showcasing your product from various different angles. Making a mix-match combination will also work for bossing conversion.

  • An expert SEO-

It already says that an expert SEO is required to rank your site for keywords. All the companies are fighting for the first position and you don’t want to be an odd one out. Hire an expert who has a thorough knowledge of its work as well as social media background so that it may act beneficial for your site.

These were some of the tips that have to be kept in mind if you want to have an increase in your e-commerce conversion. It totally depends upon you hard work and labor that will pay you off well one day. So it’s time you start off with all your preparations, pull out your gins to aim your stars because sky is your limit. So it is better if you keep your measures and steps traceable for a better future of your business, start up or institution.

Get your dream job turn into a reality with Android development.

Dreams are just dreams unless and until you don’t have the zeal to fulfill them. Dreams regarding your career. As it is said that if you do have a love for your living then you will never get tired working hard over it. But what if you get an opportunity to turn your hobby or dream into a career? Android development is the best job that could be turned into your dream reality career. If you are planning to design your career in it then you must know that you should be a proficient android developer, possessing the skills of it in both platforms fundamentals and best practices. Following are some of the skills that you need to be adapted to become an android developer:

  •         You need to be well versed with Java, Android platform fundamentals.
  •         You should have thorough market research regarding android apps and its usage.
  •         You should be capable of applying any number of Google services as well as exceeding any core app experiences.
  •         Create a stand out the project; probably it is the most things you can do to become a potential employer.
  •         Keep stressing on your ability to learn. Lack of degree in android app development should not be a root cause of hindrance.


Mobile app development has gained popularity over the years. With things becoming more digitalized and evolved so is the need for more developers. You need to be innovative with your ideas and creativity in order to survive in this field. As explained earlier thatandroid app development is fewer complexes than the iOS app development. It is easier and user-friendly than the other one.  So if you want to excel in this field of mobility or mobile app development then you need to be evidently visible and should be able to relocate your talent.

Best Tips to Get More People to Read Your Content!

When you get down to writing then you know it better what kind of words will attract the audience the better way, What kind of words will lure our target audience which will automatically lead generation and. You have spun carefully each and every word now it’s time to attract the others using those spun words which can be done through the process of content marketing strategy. Your words need to be presented in such a way that it delivers the right kind of message. It actually takes a lot of time for people to achieve success in grabbing people’s attention to read their content regardless of how efficient your work is. This is the real quality of a good content marketer which is much appreciated.

Following are some of the best tips which will give you an idea as to how to grab eyeballs towards your content:

(a)  Post good content regularly– Give visitors a reason why should they read your content. A good content posted on a daily basis finds a place inside the mind of any human. So it is important to post on a regular basis in order to gain the attention of the people. If you don’t then readers won’t come back.

(b) Make sure your post is shareable– Mere content is not shareable. The content should have an eye-catching title that can describe your content in the best possible manner. It should be easy to read and should contain lots of useful information.

(c)  SEO– SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Being on the first page of Google search result is like having the business ranking reaching.  Be sure to optimize your content by adding rich and attractive content that is keywords enriched.

(d) Link building- Link building is an important aspect for grab the attention. You can create content and by attaching your link you can invite readers to read your content. Links from other sites have potential to improve your pages.

(e)  E-mail marketing- Email marketing is the best and the easiest way to attract the visitors on to your content.  This is the best and cost effective method of driving traffic to your website.

(f)   Use social media– Use the platform of social media to publicize your content. Social media platform can be Google, Facebook , Twitter  etc which has a large reach and has a large mass of people following it.

So these were some of the points that need to be kept in mind before getting down with your pens for any sort of content. Times have changed and so is the scenario of people regarding reading. People do not like to spend more time on reading wide lengthy and complicated contents. Short and crisp is the need of the hour. Try to keep these 2 techniques in mind and then start your any post. These points will definitely come in handy.